Thursday, December 2, 2021

Estimating Spreadsheet for all of your HVAC & Plumbing Bids.

The MEP Academy Estimating Spreadsheets are available for HVAC Sheet Metal, Piping, and for Plumbing. The Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your project.

Material & Labor Summary Sheets

Each trade has its own Material & Labor Summary sheet where all the hours and material values from other sheets are summarized. This saves valuable time when reviewing the bid.

Sheet Metal Metrics

There are a lot of metrics in this spreadsheet. Here are a few that instantly tell you how many Lbs/Ft2 and $/Lb with and without labor. Checkout the Dashboard for more.

Get Started with the #1 Estimating Spreadsheet

A better Estimating Spreadsheet for your Company with a Dashboard for Intelligent decision making.

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