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Construction Safety for Contractor Success

Construction Safety for contractor success. This is the fifth article in our series on what it takes to create and sustain a successful construction contracting company. See why Construction Safety is one of the key factors for creating a successful construction company.

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Construction sites are inherently hazardous, with workers exposed to a wide range of risks and dangers. Construction sites are characterized by heavy machinery, high elevations, and exposure to hazardous materials, all of which can result in accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Ensuring construction safety is important for several reasons:

Here are 6 reasons why construction safety leads to contractor success:

Protecting Workers: Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, with many hazards present, such as falls from heights, electrocutions, and being struck by heavy machinery or equipment. Ensuring safety in construction helps to prevent accidents that can result in injury or death of workers, which is the most important reason for prioritizing construction safety. Workers in the construction industry have a right to work in a safe and secure environment, and employers have a duty to provide a safe workplace.

Legal Compliance: Governments around the world have implemented strict regulations to ensure the safety of workers in the construction industry. Companies must comply with these regulations to avoid legal action and fines, and to maintain a good reputation.

Financial Impacts: Accidents on construction sites can result in significant financial losses for companies. In addition to legal penalties and fines, accidents can lead to delays in construction, increased insurance premiums, and decreased productivity. By ensuring construction safety, employers can reduce costs associated with accidents and injuries.

Productivity: A safe working environment can increase productivity. When workers feel safe, they can focus on their work more effectively and avoid costly distractions. A safe work environment helps to enhance productivity by reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries that can result in lost time, delays, and increased costs.

Reputation: A company with a good safety record is more likely to attract and retain workers and clients. This can help to build a positive reputation in the industry and promote continued growth and success.

Workers Compensation: Accidents increase the cost of doing business and raise insurance premiums. A workers compensation rate below 1.0 indicates that the employer’s claims experience is better than average, resulting in a credit or discount on their workers’ compensation premiums. Conversely, a rate above 1.0 indicates that the employer’s claims experience is worse than average, resulting in a surcharge or increase in premiums. Some projects require a history of safe construction practices with a low rate of accidents to qualify to participate in bidding. 

Overall, construction safety is essential for protecting workers, reducing costs, enhancing productivity, building trust in the construction industry, and for the success of a construction company.

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See why Construction Safety is one of the key factors for a successful construction company
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