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Rentals – MEP Estimating Spreadsheet

Chapter #6 – Rentals (MEP Estimating Spreadsheet)

You will need to determine what you will need in the way of rental equipment based on the needs of the project. You learned about the different types of rental equipment in the “Field Installation” course, but now you need to enter the requirements into the estimating spreadsheet.

Crane Cost

Early on in the bidding process you would have requested a quote from crane rental companies for the equipment that needs to be set outside on the roof or ground.

Crane Rental Worksheet
Crane Rental Worksheet

The cost for a crane is based on many factors including the weight of the equipment, height and reach required to set the equipment. In the MEP Academy Estimating Spreadsheet there is a Crane Cost calculator that shows you what goes into the cost considerations. As item #1 in the above shows there is a labor component that involves the following;

Crane Labor

Travel to Site: Time it takes the crane company to get to jobsite from their rental yard.

Mobilization/Demobilization: The time required to get the crane in position and setup for rigging, and then when finished, the time required to disassemble and get ready from traveling back to their rental yard.

Rigging Time: This is the time you would require to set the equipment.

Travel Out: This is the time for the crane to travel back to the rental yard from the jobsite

Miscellaneous Fees

Permits & Traffic Control: The city in which the crane will be operating requires a permit fee, and if it’s within the area of an airport an additional fee will be required.

Street Closure: This could be a large fee if the crane needs to setup on a major street or highway and the traffic needs to be diverted while the crane is operating.

Long Boom Fee: If a boom is required there could be an additional fee, as this requires additional equipment to extend the reach of the crane.

Counter Weight Fee: This is the cost for the additional weights that will need to be added to the crane so it can counter the weight of the equipment with the required height and reach requirements.

This Crane Cost Table can be used to budget the cost based on similar projects, but the best option is to always get a quote, as you might not foresee what a trained crane rental professional will notice.

Other Rental Equipment

The MEP Academy Estimating Spreadsheet provides a list of the most commonly used rental equipment including a crane. Just fill out the different fields as required for the project conditions as follows;

#1 Enter the quantity required

#2 Enter the description of the rental equipment

#3 Enter the quantity for the rental period unit value

#4 Rental Period in either Days, Weeks, Months or Lump Sum

#5 Rental rate for the rental period

Construction Rental Equipment
Construction Rental Equipment

The things to consider when deciding what rentals you need and for how long depends on various factors. One of the first things to look at is the project schedule and where your trade is involved within the schedule. So, the duration of the project will set how long you will need certain general condition items like project office trailers and storage bins.

Next, you need to review the hours required for the various task that need to be performed and if they require special equipment to assist in completing that work task. Like the need for a scissor or boom lift to reach high bay areas to install hangers and ductwork, and long long you will need that equipment to finish your work.


There is a 25 foot roof deck where you need to install duct hangers and ductwork where you figured to use a three person crew to install 45 feet in a day (15 feet/Man Day). Assuming you have 450 feet to install in this high bay area, your analysis for the duration of the scissor lift for this area would look like this:

450 feet / (45 feet/Man Day) = 10 Days (2 weeks of scissor lift rental)

Get a copy of the MEP Academy Estimating Spreadsheet here >> MEP Academy Spreadsheet

Understanding the MEP Estimating Spreadsheet (Free Course)

Get a copy of the MEP Academy Estimating Spreadsheet here >> MEP Academy Spreadsheet

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